Unity hints at solo dev marketing support

Unity hints at solo dev marketing support

By Rob Crossley

January 22nd 2010 at 10:59AM

Leading game engine group talks of adapting to an increasingly democratised development sector

Leading game engine group Unity Technologies may soon explore the possibility of providing marketing for games that are built with the Unity platform.

The company’s engine tools – of which the entry-level edition is free to use – has helped drive the revival of solo developers and small indie studios.

But Unity understands that in an increasingly congested market - such as the App Store - marketing is becoming more important for the right games to be discovered.

That’s why Graham Dunnett, Unity Technologies’ Director for Testing, Support and Documentation, revealed that marketing support “may be an area that we’ll look into in the future.”

Dunnett, who works at Unity’s new UK studio, hinted at future marketing plans during yesterday's eForum debate in Westminster.

Dunnett’s speech centered on how the game industry is becoming democratised in the wake of digital distribution. He also mentioned EA’s Tiger Woods Online game – which was built with the Unity engine – has now entered open beta.