Unauthorised Paper Monsters game creeps onto Steam

Unauthorised Paper Monsters game creeps onto Steam
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

February 5th 2014 at 11:35AM

Title pulled after developers protest and claim no knowledge of Steam publishing deal with Strategy First

An unauthorised version of Paper Monsters appeared on Steam on Monday without the knowledge of developers Crescent Moon Games and Mobot Studios, it has been claimed.

A new version of the 3D platformer was recently greenlit on Steam, but is still in development and not due for release until the summer.

Despite this however, an old version of the title released in 2012 appeared on the digital distribution store on Monday without prior warning, published by Strategy First.

Following the news, the studio told followers on its Twitter account and on its Steam page not to buy the title, as it had not been authorised by the team.

"The version of Paper Monsters that was released on Steam is NOT legit - and not authorised by us - DO NOT BUY," it tweeted.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the studio said it did not know about the game's release by publisher Strategy First until another developer asked why it was on sale.

Crescent Moon claimed its contract with Strategy First gave the company the rights to publish Paper Monsters on all platforms other than Steam, and was not told by the publisher about its actions until a few hours after it had gone on sale.

“After several pitches we managed to get the game on steam," read a statement from the publisher.

"As stated Paper Monsters recur is yours. While we can still go live with Paper Monsters. By having two products you will generate additional revenue."

Crescent Moon Games and Mobot have since been able to get the game taken down from Steam, and claimed to date they have only received a $200 cheque from Strategy First for game sales, which they stated was invalid.