Ubisoft to support amBX

Ubisoft to support amBX

By Ed Fear

January 8th 2008 at 10:06AM

Philipsâ?? ambient tech to be supported in upcoming releases

Ubisoft and Philips have teamed up to bring amBX support to future Ubisoft titles.

The atmospheric light, sound and wind technology will be integrated into the forthcoming Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway and Far Cry 2, and a patch will be supplied to enable ambX support in the original Far Cry.

“Creating high quality games, incorporating the most innovative technologies to produce the best possible gaming experience is of fundamental importance to Ubisoft,” said Vincent Greco, worldwide production technical coordinator. “With amBX we can develop more immersive features in our games which will add a whole new dimension to our games.”

Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer for Philips ambX, added: “Working with one of the world’s largest publishers on two of the most successful gaming franchises of all time is an amazing opportunity for our amBX technology to really shine in front of a worldwide audience.”

“Brother’s in Arms Hell’s Highway and Far Cry 2 are titles that will showcase just how powerful and in your face amBX effects can be in a war game. This is just the start of the alliance between amBX and Ubisoft and the level of our co-marketing with Ubisoft will underline our dedication to bringing all-new ambient effects to world class games.”