Ubisoft acquires Anno maker Related Designs

Ubisoft acquires Anno maker Related Designs
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

April 12th 2013 at 10:55AM

French publisher strengthens PC division with purchase of German studio

Ubisoft has acquired the developer of the Anno series Related Designs in a move to strengthen its PC arm.

The French publisher first invested in Related Designs in 2007, through the purchase of the Anno series’ German publisher, SunFlowers.

As part of that purchase, it acquired 30 per cent of Related Designs. The new deal means the remaining 70 per cent of the company has gone to Ubisoft for an undisclosed amount.

Related Designs is home to 65 staff and will continue its work on the free-to-play Might & Magic Heroes Online, as well as future projects, developed in jointly with fellow Ubisoft-owned strategy specialists at Blue Byte.

According to Ubisoft, the acquisition should enable the two teams to share their experiences and resources more effectively.

Related Designs’ was found in 1995. It’s first release was 2000 RTS game America. It took over the Anna series in the mid-2000s after the franchise’s original studio, Max Design, shut down in 2004.