Trapdoor: 'Tax breaks have a significant impact'

Trapdoor: 'Tax breaks have a significant impact'
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

November 12th 2009 at 6:09PM

Canada's industry offered a valuable advantage, argues Québec indie

Speaking to Develop as part of our Canada Special, small Québec-based studio Trapdoor has been talking up the benefits of setting up in a country renowned for generous tax incentives.

“Tax breaks do have a significant impact on our company,” revealed Trapdoor founder and former Gameloft Montreal studio manger Ken Schachter. “Thanks to these, we are able to invest greatly on R&D, which is a valuable advantage in our industry.”

“With many large studios setting up shop and developing flagship products in Canada, we’ve really seen incredible growth – and interest – in developing here,” he added. “Our hope is to see more independent talent breakaway and take the plunge.”

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