Total Immersion Software licences Kynapse

Total Immersion Software licences Kynapse
Michael French

By Michael French

November 27th 2007 at 3:22PM

Ai middleware to be used in RealWorld simulation development tool suite for DARPA

Kyonogon's Kynapse AI middleware is to be used in an upcoming project being developed for the US' defence agency DARPA.

Total Immersion Software is creating RealWorld, software for creating training simuatlons military use.

Kynogon CTO Pierre Pontevia said: "We have been very impressed by the Total Immersion Software vision. They perfectly combine military expertise and gaming technologies to reach the ambitious goals of 'next generation' military simulations. We expect our automatic path data generator to contribute highly to one of the most ambitious goals of RealWorld: the rapid and low-cost generation of simulation scenarios for real-life mission rehearsal.”