Torque Game Builder update available

Torque Game Builder update available

By Ed Fear

July 16th 2007 at 10:30AM

New version adds behaviours, tick-based physics

Torque Game Builder, GarageGames’ 2D game creation suite, has been updated to version 1.5.

The chief addition to the upgrade is behaviours, modular pieces of functionality that can be applied to objects to define how they respond to events.

“With Behaviors it is possible to create entire games without writing a single line of script or ever leaving the Torque Game Builder tool,'' commented Justin DuJardin, director of tool development.

''This brings us that much closer to creating a true drag-and-drop game builder, while still retaining the power and flexibility of the engine.''

The update is available as a free download to all current owners, with the indie licence available to new users at $100