Torque 360 hits version 1.5

Torque 360 hits version 1.5

By Ed Fear

March 7th 2008 at 2:44PM

Torque Game Builder support and performance tweaks lead update

GarageGames has updated the Xbox 360 version of its Torque engine to version 1.5.

In addition to performance enhancements, the latest version shares exactly the same codebase as its high-end PC sibling Torque Game Engine Advanced, and sports a new sound system and support for Torque Game Builder, GarageGames' drag-and-drop 2D game engine and tool.

Torque 360 has gained popularity over the last year, appearing in 12 commercially-released Xbox Live Arcade games with more in development.

"Our Torque 360 code base benefited from a number of significant improvements in the past year. We've made large stability and rendering optimizations and developers should see increased performance in almost every area," offered Pat Wilson, engine developer at GarageGames.

"Games like Buccaneer, Marble Blast Ultra, and Screwjumper have begun to show what Torque 360 is capable of."