Square Enix appoints worldwide technology director

Square Enix appoints worldwide technology director

By Rob Crossley

March 2nd 2010 at 2:26PM

Experienced industry exec Julien Merceron earns new role

Square Enix has appointed experienced industry exec Julien Merceron as the firm’s worldwide technology director.

Merceron was given the promotion after serving four years as Eidos’ worldwide CTO, before the British group was bought by Square Enix last year in a deal thought to be worth £84 million.
The experienced exec said it was a “huge pleasure” to be able to closer with Square Enix’s Tokyo studios, on top of Square Enix Europe’s studios “on some amazing franchises and technology initiatives”.

Before his time at Eidos, Merceron served as worldwide technical director at Ubisoft – a post he held during his nine years at the company.