Splash Damage scores ex-EA development director

Splash Damage scores ex-EA development director

By Rob Crossley

January 25th 2012 at 5:51PM

Griff Jenkins joins Brink developer

London outfit Splash Damage has appointed former EA executive Griff Jenkins as the studio's new director of production.

Jenkins’s tenure at Electronic Arts saw him foster major franchises at the publisher, from FIFA to Need for Speed. He has also worked at UK groups Criterion, Kuju and Eidos.

“Following FIFA's incredible success, Jenkins's new role at Splash Damage will improve our games by improving the way we make them," said the Brink studio’s CEO Paul Wedgwood.

"Under his leadership we'll elevate production to a discipline on par with art, design, and programming. These are areas that we've always constantly strived to improve, and production should be no different."