SpiritAI recruits Peter Alau as Business Development Manager

SpiritAI recruits Peter Alau as Business Development Manager
Sean Cleaver

By Sean Cleaver

September 6th 2017 at 3:44PM

Former Digital Extremes, Linden Lab and Crytek manager will oversee west coast partnerships

SpiritAI, an AI middleware firm, has announced the hire of Peter Alau as business development manager. He will be taking on SpiritAI's business development and partnerships on the East Coast and is the company's first hire in San Francisco.

The firm, based in London, use AI and deep learning to help digital interactions and utilise psychology and research to help engagement with digital characters. At present, the company works in gaming but are also working to move outside of gaming. They also make smart AI for use of in-game community and social management.

Alau comes from a long background in business development in games, including working for Linden Lab, Digital Extremes and Sony Online Entertainment. He was most recently at developer Crytek as the head of Americas in a senior business development role. He will be overseeing the use of SpiritAI's products in the Bay Area of the U.S. West Coast including the SpiritAI SDK and character engine.

"Artificial Intelligence has been a growing interest in the game industry as players demand more human interaction," said Alau in a statement. "I’m excited to see what new frontiers are available to designers and dreamers as they open up new gameplay possibilities. Spirit AI is clearly thinking about the future."