Sony forms new mobile studio ForwardWorks

Sony forms new mobile studio ForwardWorks
Matthew Jarvis

By Matthew Jarvis

March 24th 2016 at 9:08AM

Developer to work on ‘full-fledged’ titles based on existing PlayStation IP

As Nintendo launches its first mobile game, Miitomo, this week, another of the big platform holders has made a move into the sector.

Sony has announced the creation of ForwardWorks, a studio focused on developing for smartphones.

Describing its planned output as ‘full-fledged game titles’, the developer also said that the games would be based upon existing PlayStation IP and characters.

The company will initially concentrate on the Japan and Asia regions, with Sony boss for the localities, Atsushi Morita, serving as president of ForwardWorks. Meanwhile, Sony chief Andrew House will be a member of the board.

ForwardWorks isn’t Sony’s first foray into mobile development. PlayStation Mobile aimed to bring original PlayStation console games to phones such as the Xperia range, while also translating mobile titles to the Vita handheld. The programme was closed last year.