SilverLining 2.0 weather simulation tech released

SilverLining 2.0 weather simulation tech released

By Stuart Richardson

October 11th 2010 at 9:52AM

US-based middleware firm Sundog Software unveils latest tech iteration

Seattle firm Sundog Software has released the latest iteration of its SilverLining weather simulation middleware, version 2.0.

"This new release of SilverLining really takes advantage of what modern consumer-grade computer video cards can do," said Sundog owner Frank Kane.

"We introduce a technique called GPU ray-casting for 3D volumetric clouds that makes really dense cloud layers possible. With SilverLining, software developers can add the widest variety of cloud types and weather conditions to their games and simulators easily and with full physical reality."

Available to trail in a demo package before purchase, the tech is offered with integration codes for game and simulation engines like Ogre 3D, Gamebryo Lightspeed and Carmenta.

"We are offering this upgrade free of charge to our existing customers, so end consumers should start seeing more realistic skies pretty quickly," said Kane.

"We recently won a 'top training and simulation company' award for the second year in a row in recognition of our big list of big customers in the simulation space, and our partnership with Emergent Game Technologies has opened a lot of doors for us in the video game world. We're really proud of the impact our small company is having in the world of computer graphics."