Seattle interactive media industry 'grows 133%'

Seattle interactive media industry 'grows 133%'
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

February 8th 2012 at 6:14PM

Two hundred Seattle area media firms added in five year period

Seattle has more than doubled its number of interactive media companies in the past five years, according to early results from a new Economic Impact Study.

"These numbers will come as a breath of fresh air in a time of a struggling economy," said the president and CEO of enterpriseSeattle.

This is the second such study funded by enterpriseSeattle and their subsidiary economic development program, the Washington Interactive Network, which recently recieved a $1.2m grant.

The results show remarkable growth in a time of economic hardship. The there are now 350 firms in the Seattle area; up from 150 in 2007. Annual revenues for the industry have done even better, rising from $4.1b to $9.7b in five years; an annual climb of 25%.

All told, the annual job growth rate is between 4-4.5%, providing an extimated 16,500-17,500 jobs.