Schafer reveals rejection letters from 1989

Schafer reveals rejection letters from 1989

By Rob Crossley

September 29th 2009 at 2:21PM

Esteemed developer celebrates twenty years in the game sector - by reliving failed attempts at getting a foot in the door

A young Tim Schafer applied to work at Hewlett Packard so he could “masquerade as an engineer all day” while he wrote at night, applied for a “dream job at Atari” because they made “the greatest computer of all time”, and applied for a job with a firm that made “library cataloging software”. All his applications were rejected.

The revelations come via blog post by Schafer himself on the Double Fine Productions community site.

Now celebrating twenty years in the game industry, Schafer takes a trip through memory lane – particularly back to the time when he had a prodigious talent in failing job interviews.

Schafer, posting scans of rejection letters from some of the tech sector’s biggest companies, offers the young, aspiring game developers of today a simple message:

“Good luck! Don’t do what I did. It only worked in the 80s!”
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