Rumour: Bottlerocket loses Splatterhouse

Rumour: Bottlerocket loses Splatterhouse
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

February 9th 2009 at 11:41AM

Has Namco pulled project for internal development?

Rumours are spreading that Namco has pulled the unfinished Splatterhouse from developer Bottlerocket.

Citing sources from the San Diego developer community, Kotaku reports that on Friday Namco took the project and all dev kits from the Californian studio.

Splatterhouse, which is the latest addition to the cult series that started life in the arcades in 1989, is now expected to be finished in-house by Namco's Afro Samurai team.

If true, the news could deal a killer blow to Bottlerocket, which has no other games underway. It is not currently understood why Namco would pull a near-completed project from external development, but Develop is awaiting confirmation of the news from Bottlerocket.