Rogue Legacy profitable after one hour on sale

Rogue Legacy profitable after one hour on sale
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

March 18th 2014 at 11:23AM

GDC 2014: Sales were ‘well beyond anything we had ever anticipated’ says Kenny Lee

Indie platformer Rogue Legacy reclaimed its development costs after one hour on sale, and sold 100,000 copies in its first week.

Kenny Lee from Cellar Door Games revealed the stats at a GDC talk yesterday, Destructoid reports. The sales were "well beyond anything we had ever anticipated," he said.

The spirit-based platformer cost $14,878 and took 18 months to complete, decidedly more compared to the studio's earlier Flash efforts such as Don't Shit Your Pants and Villainous.

“That's still a lot of money compared to the $1,000 for our previous projects, but if you consider the scope of the game I think we did a pretty good job at keeping the costs down,” Lee added.

The Toronto, Ontario developer started in 2009. Rogue Legacy is what known as a roguelike game – an RPGs with classic elements like a tile-based structure or spirit graphics – and was inspired titles such as Dark Souls. It was released in June 2013.


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