Rift MMO going free-to-play

Rift MMO going free-to-play
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

May 15th 2013 at 8:45AM

Trion Worlds' first game to ditch subscription-only model on June 12th

Fantasy MMORPG Rift is the latest game in the genre to make the transition to a free-to-play business model.

Redwood-based Trion Worlds got its start with the subscription model Rift, but now the company is looking to breathe new life into the title by making the MMO free-to-play from June 12th.

“We have been listening to feedback from our players and watching the continuously developing MMO community, and are now ready to launch Rift as a premium free-to-play experience,” said creative director Bill Fisher.

“After taking our time and planning a careful transition we are very excited to bring an enhanced game experience to everyone, without barriers.”

The game will still offer an in-game subcription option that offers "patron" bonuses, but otherwise the entire world will be available to play for free.

Only special perks like mounts, boosts, wardrobe items, and other virtual goods will require a cash purchase.

The change will coincide with a major update for the game, Empyreal Assault.