Revealed: 23 pages on why Langdell failed

Revealed: 23 pages on why Langdell failed

By Rob Crossley

October 5th 2010 at 10:13AM

Court documents detail why Edge Games couldnâ??t hammer down EA

Tim Langdell’s pugnacious fight against ‘edge’-associated game companies has hit a brick wall.

A distinct court this week denied a motion for a preliminary injunction against Electronic Arts and its FPS title Mirror’s Edge.

Judge William Alsup said that Langdell, and his company Edge Games, has no significant credibility to its claim that it deserves copyright protection.

He also said Langdell’s aim to protect the Edge trademark “is not in the public interest”. And he went on, and on, in a forensic examination of the Edge Games operation.

You can read the court's entire assessment in the documents embedded below (not available for mobile devices), or via Google docs here.