Report: Mattrick's pay is 95% stock

Report: Mattrick's pay is 95% stock
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

July 3rd 2013 at 8:20AM

Zynga is putting pressure on new CEO to boost share prices

Zynga's new CEO, Don Mattrick, will be paid primarily in stock options, claim sources.

The news broke yesterday that Mattrick, currently the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, will become Zynga's chief executive next week.

Now The Wall Street Journal cites “people with knowledge of the matter” as saying that the new boss's compensation is 95 percent stock options.

The goal is apparently to encourage Mattrick to get Zynga's stock, which has dropped 70 percent since its IPO, back up to expectations.

If that's the plan, it's already doing well, as the social games company saw its share price jump ten percent when Mattrick was announced as CEO.

The full details of the deal are expected to be made public soon in an SEC filing.