Relic Entertainment designer dies in car crash

Relic Entertainment designer dies in car crash

By Rob Crossley

September 6th 2010 at 11:24AM

Company of Heroes Online developer has promising career cut short

Brian Wood, a lead designer at Relic Entertainment, was reported dead by Washington State Patrol on Friday following a car accident.

Wood, 33, was killed in a collision with an oncoming driver on a motorway in Oak Harbor, Seattle.

He was riding with his wife Erin, six months pregnant, when the crash happened. She was taken to hospital but is said to be recovering.

Wood had been working at Relic Entertainment since early 2006. He stood as lead designer on Company of Heroes Online, and in recent times has been working on free-to-play projects.

Two others died in the collision.

Officials have opened an investigation into the matter, on suspicion that the driver who crashed into Wood’s car was under the influence of drug use.

[Image: Kotaku.]