Redundancies at Relentless

Redundancies at Relentless

By Rob Crossley

February 16th 2011 at 11:05AM

Buzz studio continues to restructure into a digital games provider

Brighton-based studio Relentless has issued redundancies to a number of staff, the outfit has told to Develop.

The UK independent recently shifted its weight to focus work on digital games. That step away from retail, and the end of an exclusivity deal with Sony, initiated a reorganisation at the outfit.

A report on pins the redundancy numbers to around twenty staff.

Relentless is also said to be recruiting for developers with different skill sets.

The Brighton-based developer, founded in 2003, based its trade on the successful Buzz retail games for PlayStation devices.

Yet its co-founder Andrew Eades recently said the future of the retail industry is increasingly becoming too selective, and finds more opportunity in the growing digital market.

“We have recently restructured the company to work on a variety of different projects and different platforms," Eades said.

"That has meant some redundancies as we need to match our skillset with the requirements of the projects that we are working on today. We will be recruiting for a number of roles to fulfil the needs of new projects."