RealtimeUK takes recruitment drive to Manchester

RealtimeUK takes recruitment drive to Manchester
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

September 24th 2012 at 2:31PM

CG studio welcomes prospective game artists as part of 'strategic expansion'

CG studio RealtimeUK is to host a special recruitment day in northern city Manchester to attract new talent to the service provider.

RealtimeUK, which has recently contributed to a wealth of high-profile recent games including total War: Shogun 2, World of Warplanes and DiRT Showdown, has conceived the day to expand its workforce and allow interested job-seekers to meet with senior members of studio's team.

"We're looking to attract only the highest level of experienced artists with a view to identifying CG Producers, CG Artists (3DS Max, Maya), Concept Artists, Matte Painters, VFX Artists and Lighting Technical Directors to join our team of CG specialists. As a firm we believe that Manchester holds exciting new opportunities as well as a talented and skilled workforce.

"Having recently employed 6 new artists from companies such  as Microsoft Game Studios and THQ as well as hiring two extremely talented graduates from Bolton University, I'm personally really excited about bringing the RealtimeUK proposition and recruitment drive to Manchester."

The RealtimeUK's recruitment and presentation day is set to take place on October, Wednesday 31st at The Open Centre, part of the BBC Studio Building in Manchester's Media City.

Those interested in attending the event can do so having signed up at the official RealtimeUK website here.