Realtime Worlds workforce set to surge

Realtime Worlds workforce set to surge

By Rob Crossley

June 18th 2009 at 3:36PM

APB developer sees staff count reach 250 with plans to reach 300 by early 2010

Realtime Worlds has announced that its workforce has surpassed the 250 mark, with plans in place to increase that figure to over 300 by early 2010.

In order to facilitate the studio’s sudden influx of new workers, the Crackdown developer has acquired an additional 8,000 square feet of offices. This will take Realtime World’s studio capacity to some 34,000 square feet.

“The calibre and potential of games we are creating requires staff of the highest calibre  and we’re proud to have found 250 immensely talented and creative individuals so far, and look forward to finding more like-minded people to join the family,” said Realtime Worlds’ CEO Gary Dale.

The company is now recruiting for 40 available vacancies, though it is not known if all positions have been considered for projects beyond the crunch period for Realtime World’s upcoming title, APB. 

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