Rad unveils new performance-boost tool

Rad unveils new performance-boost tool

By Rob Crossley

December 3rd 2010 at 3:51PM

PC edition of Telemetry released; Console editions to follow

Rad Game Tools, a vendor of several development tools, has added a new product to its roster.

The Washington-based company, and licensor of Bink Video, has released its new programmer-driven game profiling system, known as Telemetry.

The tool is available on PC right now, with console-compatible editions to follow.

“Telemetry allows game programmers to visualise execution flow both hierarchically, and linearly,” said Brian Hook, the chief developer on the Telemetry project.

The tool is based on server architecture, where a game transmits performance information to a server that captures and processes incoming data.

If a “performance hotspot” is detected, Telemetry will drill into a frame’s code to identify the underlying performance issues.

The tech can apparently identify lock contention, busy waits, or excess idle times.

“Unlike profiling tools that hand you back a page of numbers to analyze, Telemetry shows, in a very visual and highly interactive display, exactly where performance hotspots are occurring, and what threads are contributing to those hotspots,” Hook added.