PSP2: The full list of game engines and tools

PSP2: The full list of game engines and tools

By Rob Crossley

February 21st 2011 at 9:59AM

Six engines already on offer for external developers

Over a dozen development tool and game engine firms have thrown their weight behind Sony’s upcoming handheld, the PSP2.

Found below is the full current list of PSP2 middleware and engine providers, of each whose tech is available to external studios.

Develop has published individual reports on some of these companies’ inclusion as PSP2 middleware.

To read more on individual company announcements for PSP2 support, go here.

NGP Tool and Middleware Providers

Game Engines

    * Blitz Games
    * Crytek
    * Epic Games
    * Terminal Reality
    * Trinigy
    * Vicious Cycle


    * Havok
    * NaturalMotion


    * Audiokinetic
    * CRI Middleware
    * Firelight Technologies
    * RAD Game Tools

User Interface

    * AiLive
    * Scaleform