PS3 SDK â??will integrate voice recognitionâ??

PS3 SDK â??will integrate voice recognitionâ??

By Rob Crossley

September 11th 2009 at 4:29PM

CEDEC 2009: Sony demonstrates the PS3â??s voice recognition capabilities

Sony will soon integrate voice-recognition technology into the PS3’s SDK.

The company exhibited its new voice recognition tech – known as PSVR - during a show floor demonstration at CEDEC 2009.

According to a report from, the tech will soon be integrated into PS3 SDKs, and can understand voice commands in twenty different languages.

During the recent Develop Conference, Sony had offered more info on its motion control device, claiming that it would integrate with the PSEye to offer "a truly interactive device".

Voice recognition is currently available on the latest edition of SingStar, giving players the option to select tracks when speaking through a SingStar microphone.

The report adds that voice recognition tech is not currently available in standard PS3 SDKs, though it will be “widely available to developers” in the future.