Project Scorpio 'sexy' dev kit shown off in video

Project Scorpio 'sexy' dev kit shown off in video
Sean Cleaver

By Sean Cleaver

May 3rd 2017 at 4:23PM

The short twitter video shows the dev kit in action with its digital display

A video from Windows Central's Jez Corden has been published on Twitter, showing off the new Project Scorpio XDK dev kit.

Microsoft's new console isn't expected to be full revealed until E3 but we can already surmise some things from the video that Corden describes as 'sexy.' 

For those of you that haven't seen it, or don't already have one, the kit features three front USB ports, a digital display for tracking frame rates and performance. It also comes in the white colour that's now associated to the Xbox One S.

In fact, the whole thing is very reminisict of the Xbox One S with its circular grills for ventilation and smaller size compared to the Xbox One. But is it sexy?

... Well, that's a matter of opinion really.