PlayBook's Android scheme 'stalls'

PlayBook's Android scheme 'stalls'

By Stuart Richardson

August 4th 2011 at 12:44PM

RIM's new tablet will not run Android apps until the autumn, says source

According to a ‘reliable source’ speaking to Engadget, Android compatibility for Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet won’t be able to run Android apps until “late fall” this year.

The statement comes following RIM’s estimate, made in March this year, that the tablet app ecosystem would allow Android apps by the summer.

Following slow sales and a cold critical reception for the tablet, the delay of PlayBook Android apps will do little to boost confidence in the new platform.

Gartner mobile analyst Michael Gartenburg told VentureBeat that the tablet could be facing serious problems if the new rumor turns out to be correct.

“The delay isn’t going to help RIM, who touted this as a feature that would help them level the app playing field,” he said.

“For consumers, RIM still needs to answer the fundamental question, ‘Why buy a Playbook over competitive devices?"