Piece of Pie studio opens in Munich

Piece of Pie studio opens in Munich

By Rob Crossley

January 5th 2011 at 12:33PM

Debut title set for 2011 launch

A new casual games development studio has been established in Munich after a deal with a local production company.

Piece of Pie is founded by independent developer Yacine Salmi, whose programming skills have previously been employed at UK studios such as Criterion and Evolution Studios.

Salmi said his new studio will release its first digital project, entitled Swimming Under Clouds, this year across “PC and consoles”.

The studio has struck a partnership with production company Remote Control, also based in Munich. Financial terms were not disclosed but it is said Remote Control has equity in Piece of Pie.

“Piece of Pie Studios shows big potential, especially in regard to the actual project Swimming Under Clouds,” said Remote Control managing director Hendrik Lesser.