Pandemic Australia let go

Pandemic Australia let go

By Ed Fear

January 16th 2009 at 12:08PM

EA studio's Brisbane office victim of The Dark Knight canning

Kotaku AU is citing multiple sources confirming that Pandemic's Australia studio has been essentially 'let free' by EA.

Rumours circulated earlier this week that the Brisbane-based arm of Pandemic had been annexed, which is now appearing to be a result of the cancellation of the game for Warner's The Dark Knight movie.

According to the site's sources, EA's rights to the Batman game expired in December 2008, at which point the game was not in a releasable state - partly due to six months of pre-production having to be scrapped early in the project, mismatched technology and the Australian arm's inexperience with open-world games.

All of the Dark Knight team are now apparently no longer working at the company, while another team, which was working on a Wii title known as "The Next Big Thing", remains in some form and will presumably look for a new publisher.