Outspark announces new publishing platform

Outspark announces new publishing platform

By Stuart Richardson

July 8th 2011 at 4:53PM

Outspark Flint to publish titles and operate third-party MMOs and browser-based games

San Francisco-based publisher Outspark has announced the launch of Outspark Flint, a publishing platform and operating point for third-party free-to-play MMOs and browser-based games.

Outspark says that it has been building contracts over the summer that will potentially see over 200m new players on the platform. Flint is an open API that provides developers with the tools for distribution, analytics, monetisation, marketing and operations of their games.

“We’ve spent almost five years carefully creating the modules and building the tools that have come together as Flint and will enable MMO developers and publishers around the world to use our platform,” said Outspark CEO Susan Choe.

“With our recent move into publishing third-party titles, web-based MMOs and our growing reach through distribution partnerships, we intend to make Flint the best platform for online game distribution and operation.”