Original de Blob developers reveal details of new project

Original de Blob developers reveal details of new project
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

February 18th 2009 at 10:13AM

Ronimo readying 'historically inaccurate' side-scrolling RTS

The team behind the original de Blob concept has announced several new details about its forthcoming WiiWare project Swords & Soldiers.

Ronimo's unique 2D side-scrolling strategy game is to feature several new modes, achievements, single-handed controls, and irreverent features such as 'historical inaccuracy'.

“WiiWare is the perfect platform for a Ronimo game, which we hope becomes something people expect to be unique in style, and most importantly, really fun,” said Fabian Akker, president of Romino Games.

“We want to make games that the entire family can play, wants to play, and actually plays. Swords & Soldiers is one of those games that we hope really takes off and finds its audience.”

Ronimo was founded by the developers who created the original de Blob, which was designed to promote an urban make-over in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Subsequently THQ bought the rights to the game, remaking it for Wii to substantial critical acclaim.