Nintendo exploring automated gaming

Nintendo exploring automated gaming
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

January 12th 2009 at 10:25AM

Patent application reveals â??Kind Codeâ?? hand-holding system

A patent application by Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto from mid-2008 has come to light that reveals the company’s interest in the development of an automated gaming system to help players, reports Kotaku.

The ‘Kind Code’ technique effectively acts as an optional autopilot system that players can turn on, essentially making every element of a given game a cut-scene. It is unclear as to whether the automated system would make use of a full length recorded play-through or an edited down, true cut-scene.

As well as providing a less automated text-based hint system, Kind Code’s full ‘Digest’ option will allow players to jump back into the gameplay section being shown at any time, returning to a point dictated by a save-point downloaded automatically through a network.

The proposed technology would allow less seasoned gamers to complete titles aimed at the traditional and hardcore markets, but may be difficult to implement as open-ended and free-roaming titles become more commonplace.