Ninja Theory to discuss unannounced game at GDC Europe

Ninja Theory to discuss unannounced game at GDC Europe
James Batchelor

By James Batchelor

May 14th 2014 at 6:00PM

Enslaved and DMC studio will also talk about the unrealised sequel to Kung Fu Chaos

Cambridge-based studio Nina Theory will reveal more about its first Xbox One and PS4 title at GDC Europe.

The unannounced title will feature in a talk the studio will give at the conference, with the promise that footage will be shown to attendees. It is not clear whether or not the new game will actually be unveiled prior to this talk – at next month's E3, for example.

Little is known about the game, although reports suggest it will be a new IP, of triple-A quality and will run on Unreal Engine 4.

The session will be entitled 'The AAA Indie Proposition' and will see the studio's co-founder and chief creative ninja Tameem Antoniades discussing unreleased games from throughout Ninja Theory's 14-year history, including the unrealised sequel to Kung Fu Chaos and various pitches that never made it into development.

Antoniades will also talk about Ninja Theory's vision for a new opportunity in gaming: the triple-A indie. With next-gen blockbusters at the top end of development and mobile/indie games at the bottom, the Enslaved studio believes the "squeezed middle" has the chance to provide something different.

GDC Europe takes place from August 11th to August 13th in Cologne, Germany. The organisers have also confirmed another talk by Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester, entitled 'The Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing Out'.