New Wii U dev kits 'to arrive by July'

New Wii U dev kits 'to arrive by July'

By Rob Crossley

June 17th 2011 at 11:49AM

Sega team pleased with simplicity in developing for new Nintendo system

The next edition of Wii U development kits are likely to arrive within the next six weeks, a chief Sega exec has said.

Sega West production boss Gary Dunn has said “there's another generation of prototype hardware coming out in June or July”.

These new kits will offer developers key details regarding the finalised edition of Wii U, Dunn told Eurogamer.

The Sega production boss couldn't disclose details of the new hardware, though has praised the console's ease-of-use.

In a newly published interview with Develop, Dunn said Sega's experience with Wii U "is that a lot of things are falling into place, in terms of how easy the machine is to develop for".

"For the Wii U, developers want the same as they want for all consoles – good tools, the ability to create agile prototypes, and lots of third-party tech support. The Wii U is delivering on that," he said.

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