New UK games production firm formed

New UK games production firm formed
Michael French

By Michael French

July 6th 2007 at 10:00AM

Emote games hoping to offer finance and expertise with digital distribution focus

Former iFone founder and CEO Morgan O'Rahilly and Eidos' development director David Rose have founded emote games, a new UK-based games production company hoping to connect brand holders and developers for new titles.

The company already has two new products in the works and is hoping to buck the trend of other production companies by funding productions itself.

Emote also has its own proprietary social networking and technology platform which hopes will be an added lure for potential partners.

O'Rahilly, founder and CEO, commented: "The traditional stages to market have been eliminated by advances in digital distribution and console connectivity, while at the same time publishers, developers and brand holders face increasing production values and challenging risk vs. return profile, requiring them to leverage their brands across more devices and channels.  We feel that the time is now right for the introduction of the production company model, where we can assist partners in exploiting their IP both operationally and financially."