New studio forms with Bungie and 360 alliance

New studio forms with Bungie and 360 alliance
Michael French

By Michael French

December 14th 2006 at 4:00PM

Certain Affinity in Austin, US has today opened, revealing that it has scored a hot deal as its first project, producing Halo 2 multiplayer maps that will be exclusively released for Xbox 360.

The new studio has been formed Halo 2 and Halo 2 lead Max Hoberman, who worked at Bungie for 10 years. The rest of the team cut their teeth on the likes of Ultima, Wing Commander, Myth, Asheron's Call, Freelancer, and the Ghost Recon series, as well as all of the titles in the Halo series.

"We're not setting out to change the industry," said Hoberman. "We're creating games by choosing strong leaders, talented and experienced developers, and solid partners. This partnership with Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios is a piece of that puzzle and we hope it's the start of a long and fruitful relationship."

Certain Affinity's first work, the multiplayer maps, are set to debut via the Xbox Live service in spring 2007. The company is also working on a new, unannounced Xbox 360 title.