New studio forms from Phantagram

New studio forms from Phantagram

By Rob Crossley

May 10th 2010 at 3:37PM

Group headed up by former Ninety Nine Knights project lead

A group of former developers at South Korean studio Phantagram have launched a rival studio set to bring new business to the MMO market.

The new outfit, Inuca Interactive, is headed up by Henry Lee – a Phantagram project lead who helped the studio build Ninety Nine Knights and the Kingdom Under Fire series.

Other former Phantagram members, and various experienced MMO devs, have also joined the group. Together they are working on a “unique” MMO at Inuca.

“I strongly believe an exciting game can only be made by the mindset of developers constructed with advanced idea, ability, passion, and enthusiasm,” said Inuca CEO Kim.

He added: “Under our company motto, ‘We Create a Better Future’, we will do our best in creating a world-leading developer and the best game contents throughout all platforms.”