New studio and CryEngine deal for ex-GRIN team

New studio and CryEngine deal for ex-GRIN team

By Rob Crossley

August 2nd 2010 at 10:03AM

Whiteout to focus on digital markets

A new studio has formed from the ashes of fallen Swedish developer GRIN, according to reports.

Former developers from the fallen Bionic Commando outfit have named their new enterprise Whiteout, according to a news article.

The studio’s founders have licensed CryEngine 3 for their first project, the report adds, and will intend to focus their business on digital markets.

“We've got some very exciting concepts under development,” said studio co-founder Joel Fagerlund.

“We are currently working on a bigger project in CryEngine 3, and thanks to the excellent technology and support from Crytek, we have been able to carefully handcraft a playable prototype that will knock your socks off."

Fagerlund emphasised the opportunities that digital channels provide, citing new releases such as Limbo and Joe Danger.

“We know that the digital marketplace is vibrant and thriving,” he said.

Whiteout is the second known studio to have formed after the Swedish studio GRIN crumbled under severe money problems last year.

In April the first GRIN splinter group formed, announced under the name Might & Delight.

As well as Fagerlund, Whiteout’s co-founders include Simon Rodriguez and Konstantin Schutte, who has joined the group from another studio.