New Scrum Master game development course scheduled

New Scrum Master game development course scheduled
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

April 2nd 2009 at 11:44AM

Two-day workshop taking place in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mike Cohn and Clinton Keith are to host a two-day course that will help attendees learn to establish Scrum in their studios.

Taking place in Cambridge, Massachusetts from May 5th to 6th this year, the course offers both theoretical and practical elements, including exercises and project simulations.

Those who attend can hope to gain hands-on experience with a range of Scrum tools and activities including product backlog, sprint backlog and burndown charts. The workshop will also focus on helping various team members work together more effectively, and train developers to familirise publishers outside of the team with the Scrum process.

Scrum offers an agile process for software development, and is designed to be used in projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements.

For more information on attending the course, which costs $1500 a place, visit the official website.