New Resistance aims to crack the handheld FPS

New Resistance aims to crack the handheld FPS

By Rob Crossley in Cologne

August 17th 2011 at 12:09AM

One of the most popular game genres can now sit, comfortably, in customersâ?? hands

Sony has turned to one of its most leveraged franchises to build what it hopes will be the world’s first dual-analogue FPS on handheld.

The newly announced Resistance Burning Skies was described by SCEE executive Michael Denny as “a true portable shooter, with no compromises”.

That was said in reference to PlayStation Vita’s two thumb sticks – a unique selling point for the upcoming platform. Yet there is one known concession - the series’ creators, Insomniac Games, is away building another game entirely.

Californian indie studio Nihilistic has picked up the baton for the Resistance franchise. The group formed in the late nineties and has built various work-for-hire projects, including Blizzard’s cursed Starcraft Ghost project.

There have been numerous FPSes released across handhelds and mobiles in the past, but as Sony demonstrated on stage, handheld dual analogue control allows one of the most popular game genres in the world to finally sit comfortably in the players’ hands.