New developer targets Xbox Community Games

New developer targets Xbox Community Games
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

January 14th 2009 at 10:29AM

Binary Tweed visits classic genre for debut release

New UK independent studio Binary Tweed has unveiled its first release, a 2D platform-puzzler with political undertones named Clover.

Rendered with effect evoking the look of watercolour paintings and children’s drawings, Clover takes inspiration from genre classics of the past such as the Dizzy series.

Clover, which is due for a Q1 2009 release on Xbox Live Arcade, has been conceived to embody the motto of Binary Tweed, which reads ‘new games that are a bit like old games, but better’.

“Clover is a game about artwork and plot; so much so that we're struggling to fit everything within the size limit,” said Daniel 'Deejay' Jones, managing director of team at Binary Tweed. “We wanted to make a game that has the artistic charm to appeal to a broad audience, whilst exploring issues that communicate to adult gamers.”

Binary Tweed has formed solely to create Xbox Live Community Games.