NaturalMotion 'rivals consoles' with iPhone title

NaturalMotion 'rivals consoles' with iPhone title
Michael French

By Michael French

August 26th 2009 at 3:51PM

Collaboration with Ideaworks3D produces Backbreaker for Apple platforms

NaturalMotion's internally produced Backbreaker IP hasn't even been released yet - and already it has produced a spin-off game which it says rivals the quality of games on home consoles.

The firm, famed for its animation technology, has unveiled a collaboration with London-based Ideaworks 3D which has created iPhone title Backbreaker  Football:  Tackle  Alley.

The game is due out later this year and is billed as one of the most high-end iPhone games boasting "a  quality  not  seen  before  on  the  iPhone  and  iPod  Touch".

The two studios say their technology is "providing  the  on‐screen  characters  with  a  fluidity  of  motion  rivalling  that  experienced  on  home  consoles". 

“We are excited to kick off the Backbreaker football experience on the iPhone and are stunned to see what visual fidelity is achievable on this platform," said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion.

“Together  with  our partners  Ideaworks3D,  we  think  we’ve  come up with  something  special  and can’t  wait  to get  this game into everyone’s hands.”
Alex  Caccia,  CEO  of Ideaworks3D added: “This  has  been  a  great  project  for  our  Studio,  and  a  chance  to  push  the  quality  boundaries  on  the  iPhone  by  combining  morpheme  and  our  Airplay  game  development  tools.

“But above all, the game is fun to play and hard to put down.”