N-Gage service delayed

N-Gage service delayed

By Ed Fear

November 2nd 2007 at 4:11PM

Nokia says testing has added "a couple of weeks" to deployment

The new N-Gage platform has been delayed until December, Reuters reports.

The service, which was set to go live this month, has been delayed due to complexities in testing. “N-Gage is coming in December,” said Nokia’s Kari Tuutti. “Software testing is taking a bit more time than we had expected. We are talking about a couple of weeks.”

Although the setback is minor compared to the development period of the service, all eyes are on Nokia to see if the Finnish giant can make its handset-agnostic second stab at the mobile gaming a more successful one, after the failure of the previous N-Gage and N-Gage QD phone models.