Monumental offers new prototype licence for MMO devs

Monumental offers new prototype licence for MMO devs
Michael French

By Michael French

October 19th 2007 at 10:59AM

New scheme designed to help developers work on online game concepts

Nottingham, UK-based games outfit Monumental Games has started to offer a fee-free prototype licence for its Monumental Technology Suite.

The new offer is designed to help remove some of the early problems developers have in building and experimenting with their MMO concept in its early stages.

Under the new business model for the studio's technology, developers can product a polished operational prototype for their product so they can secure publisher attention and funding for their game.

Monumental says the move is specifically designed for smaller studios that don't have the resource to invest in tools and middleware early in their (or a game's) lifecycle.

“The nature of game development is changing in a fundamental manner, and it is game developers with new ideas, concepts and methods that will champion growth within our industry. Monumental are committed to minimising the challenges for such developers.” commented Paul Mayze, business and marketing manager.

“Although historically the Monumental Technology Suite has been an engine of choice for larger developers, we are still very much on the side of smaller studios,” added Rik Alexander CEO. “While smaller studios have the imagination, inspiration and drive to create the next generation of MMO titles, sometimes they need a leg-up, financially speaking to kick-start their projects. Our new Prototype Licence, with our revised developer support programme, will help them move to the next level.”

Monumental is currently working on its own online game using its technology - soccer MMO Football Superstars.