Minecraft XBLA averaging 27,000 sales a day

Minecraft XBLA averaging 27,000 sales a day
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

October 1st 2012 at 5:43AM

Four million copies of Xbox 360 version sold in five months

Minecraft XBLA is averaging 27,000 sales a day, Scottish developer 4J has revealed.

Overall sales for the Xbox 360 port have reached four million since its launch just five months ago on May 9th.

The original game created by Markus 'Notch' Persson has become one of the greatest hits in indie history, and the console port has become the best selling game ever on XBLA.

"Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has passed four million sales! Incredible number, thanks to you all!" said a studio spokesperson on the official 4J Twitter.

First released on the PC, Swedish studio Mojang built its own 'Pocket Minecraft' on smartphones before contracting the Xbox 360 release to 4J.

All told, sales of Minecraft across all platforms were last reported to be ten million, but that figure is doubtlessly outdated.