Midway: Austin studio layoffs are 'routine'

Midway: Austin studio layoffs are 'routine'
Michael French

By Michael French

January 16th 2008 at 9:36AM

Jobs go at US studio, but come as production cycle winds down

Midway's Austin studio, which developed the recently released Area 51: Blacksite, has been downsized - but the staff losses are being classed as 'routine' by the company.

Next-gen reports that a representative explained "there was a small reduction in force at our Austin studio following the completion of one of the projects there, but any rumors of ‘mass layoffs’ are completely false."

He added: "The reductions were routine and a function of our current project requirements. There was one minor concentration of layoffs in Austin due to the completion of a project there, but we are still growing our other teams and studios to fulfill our project needs."

Midway also said the changes were unrelated to recent senior management changes which saw the CFO and chief marketing officer leave the company.