Microsoft confirms Xbox One won't be 'always-on'

Microsoft confirms Xbox One won't be 'always-on'
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

May 21st 2013 at 7:22PM

Don Mattrick says console will not require permanent internet connection to play games

Consumers will not have to be permanently connected to the internet to play games on Xbox One, Microsoft has confirmed.

Following the reveal of its new game console in Redmond, GameTrailers' Geoff Kelley asked Microsoft’s present of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick a direct question about whether the new system would be “always-on”.

Mattrick said: “No. It won’t be always-on.”

“It’s alright gamers, we’ve got you covered,” he added.

However, he did say to use certain services, such as  to play online, view TV or operate some the console other entertainment options, consumera will still need to have an internet connection.