Michael Acton Smith stepping aside as Mind Candy CEO

Michael Acton Smith stepping aside as Mind Candy CEO
James Batchelor

By James Batchelor

July 11th 2014 at 3:13PM

'Mr Moshi' taking on a creative leadership role, as firm prepares to target US

Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith is stepping aside to pave the way for a new leader so he can return to something more akin to his original role.

The founder of the Moshi Monsters firm has revealed he will be moving to a creative leadership position, with COO and CFO Divinia Knowles temporarily taking over as interim president, according to The Guardian. There is no word on whether a replacement CEO has been found.

Acton Smith has said the firm's priority is to target the US market. Mind Candy is also attempting to break into the tablet games market with new IP World of Warriors.

"My role is very different now to when we started the company and I've drifted away from the creative side that I really enjoy," said Acton Smith.

"It sounds dramatic but it's exciting, and means I can spend more time building up our sketchbooks and doing creative things like developing new characters."